Fucked My Virgin Cousin Sister

Hey guys this is srinivas from Vijayawada with another story. Here I’m going to submit my story when I had sex with my cousin Swarna name changed. I and my parents left to Hyderabad for my cousin Bro’s wedding on the wedding day.

I was checking out all the beautiful aunties and girls present there and were very busy doing so when suddenly someone patted my back and to my surprise it was Saarna. She was looking damn hot in the Red colour saree which I complimented later on and I forgot to tell about her.

She was fair about 5 feet 7 inches which correct fat wherever required. We were started chatting and later on my mom came and started talking to her and after the wedding was over and she was sitting in the corner of the hall and I went and sat next to her.

We started chatting and was asking about my studies and all those stuffs She asked me about my girlfriend which I said no for which she said how come you did not get a girl who was so handsome. I started blushing and I changed the topic.

I later on told her that we are returning to Vijayawada that night and I asked her to come along with us. I was very happy because she would come and I thought I would plan something and somehow fuck her. So that night we left to Vijayawada by car.

She was very happy coming to Vijayawada and told me to take her to all the places, which I readily agreed. So they started and we chatted for some time and we slept off. I woke later that night and I saw that my hands were on her thighs almost close to her pussy and I could feel her pussy heat in my hands.

My cock raise suddenly by this and she was wearing a white chudidhar in which her boobs were trying to pop out of it. I was staring at it very badly and cock started feeling very tight. I wanted to touch and squeeze those marvellous melons and I wanted to touch badly.

She was in deep sleep so to check I called her name which she didn’t reply. I slowly took my hand and kept it on her right boobs carefully so that she doesn’t wake n started rubbing them and she was leaving slight moans and I got scared and took off my hands and I slept off.

I was very happy about this and thought I will be able to have sex with her. Later we roamed the whole city and went shopping and we came home and we all were very tired. We ate our food and came to my room and I was making arrangement to sleep down so that she can sleep on the bed.

She had changed herself to nighty her boobs were looking marvellous and I could see her nipples in her nighty. My cock was fully erect and later that night and I woke and saw that she was in deep sleep and my cock was pain by looking at her boobs.

I slowly took my hands and started feeling her boobs and I found her nipple and I put my hand on the other boobs and I was feeling hornier so I removed the buttons and put my hands inside and squeezed it lightly suddenly she opened her eyes and my hand was inside her nighty.

I was scared to death I thought she would shout and make hungama and tell my parents. I quickly removed my hands and I said sorry. She asked what I was doing in a harsh way and I got scared and told her I’m sorry and it won’t repeat again and told her not to tell my parents.

Later she said ok and told me not to repeat it again. I was scared and I could not sleep after sometime she called me said why did I put my hands inside her nighty and she told me tell the truth or else she would complain my parents about it.

So I told her that I found her boobs very sexy and put some masala which she later asked whether I wanted to see it her which I said yes. She removed her buttons and removed her boobs out of it. I went to her and saw her boobs they were beautiful it was pink in color.

I was aroused a lot and I asked whether I could touch them which she said ok and I started squeezing them slowly she started mooning and told me to suck then which I agreed. I was sucking her boobs madly one by one and she started moaning “ah ah ah oh oh oh!

She brought her hands and put it inside by shorts and I was not wearing my undies she got my cock and said that my cock is big that she can’t take it inside her. She told that she had not had sex till now. I got aroused and told I would satisfy her which she said I’m all yours fuck me hard.

I took off her nighty in the mean time she removed my t-shirt and shorts. I started squeezing her boobs and sucking them and was fingering her pussy. Her pussy was neatly shaved and I went down started fucking her pussy by my tongue.

She got excited by this move. I started fucking her more which my mouth and later she cum and I wiped it off mean while my cock was rock hard and brought it near her pussy she guided me to enter. It was very tight and I tried and slowly entered. She started to moaning aaaahhhhh and blood was oozing out and I start moving to and fro.

She told me to do it  fast and started fucking her hard for 20 minutes and I told her I was about to cum she told me to take it out and told she wants to drink my cum. I removed my cock from her pussy and put it in her mouth and eject a full load cum and she drank all of it without leaving a drop and sucked my cock again until it got hard that night.

We had 3 sessions and cleaned ourselves and wore our clothes and slept. This happened for 15 days and later she left to Hyderabad. She told me that this was the best fuck she ever had and told me to come to Hyderabad. I went to Hyderabad and had sex with her again which I will tell in my next story

20 thoughts on “Fucked My Virgin Cousin Sister

  1. “She told me that this was the best fuck she ever had” What a joke, you said that it is first time that she had sex, then how did she commented like above???????????????????

  2. myself ashish… And i proceed my story here. I fuck one of my lover, named Sutanuka Nath(Juhi) in her home.. One day, when we r enjoying romance, I felt that she wants to get more close by physically.. Then she going to kiss me for a while.. After that she put her hand in my penis.. And i started to squeeze her boobs gently.. After doing that.. She is quite hot and teling me to fuck her..


  4. hey my name is farhan i want to write my experience with my cousin Sawera
    i am 18 years old and she is 15 years old she has huge ass and and nice titts; i always wanted to fuck her and tried to touch her a few times she knewed my intentions so she stayed away from me and didnt like talking to me one day everyone went out to a wedding it was 10 o’clock all the young kids including me and her where home ,everyone went to sleep except me Sawera was asleep she was wearing a green suit with green nail polish and a lip palm to stop her lips from growing dry ,when i saw her i was horny i wanted to fuck her so hard i went to her and started licking her feet and put her hand on my underwear and started kissing her neck and lips i knewwd if she would wake up she would scream beacuse she hated me , i also made a video of her with her hand in my underwear she soon woke up and stayed shouting i grabbed her and said i got your video i will release it on internet if u tell anyone she was upset and started crying i said jus suck my dick she was upset i forcelly fucked her in her ass she was screaming after that day she doesn’t even look at me i want to fuck her again

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